What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient tradition that provides guidance for human beings to live in harmony with the laws of nature. In our modern world, many of us feel removed from these natural laws. Having heard that understanding the wisdom of feng shui enables us to enhance prosperity, health and loving relationships, we seek to apply it to our lives. As feng shui has gained popularity in the Western world, more books and classes are available than ever before. But people often find that the more feng shui books they read, the more confused they become. The first book sounds interesting, the second one contradicts the first, and the third one doesn’t make any sense at all. At this point, many people simply walk away, rejecting feng shui as a fad or Eastern mysticism. How can we tell what is real feng shui?

A Universal Approach to Living

Although it was developed in China, feng shui is in fact the same knowledge that was applied by people in different traditional cultures all over the world throughout history. In modern times, we have grown apart from this simple, common sense approach to life; all our choices easily lead us astray. If we want to blast a tunnel through a mountain or build on a flood plain, we can, but we have lost our instinctual sense of the balance between the human being and the natural world and are often faced with consequences different from those we intended. True feng shui offers a return to this understanding of natural balance as well as methods for applying this ancient wisdom to modern life. Because feng shui is in tune with natural principles that are universal, it rises above religion, belief systems, or cultural differences. Feng shui is open to everyone and universally relevant.

The Form School

The feng shui Form School in Seattle teaches us that form defines energy. From a large geographical pattern to the layout of a city, an apartment complex, an individual house or even the arrangement of an interior space, the shape of the surrounding features defines the energy in that setting. This energy then affects the health, prosperity and relationships of the inhabitants of that space for better or for worse. Therefore, by understanding the energy of the forms around us, we not only learn to understand the energy of a particular place, but we also learn how to design a living environment to be in harmony with the pre-existing energy pattern there.

Although this understanding of how the surrounding forms of the natural world affect human beings has been the basis of traditional wisdom all over the world throughout history, it was in China that it was honed to a fine science, due to the long period of continuous civilization there. Thousands of years of accumulated and synthesized knowledge are contained in the universal principles of the Form School.

Compared to the Form Schools history of thousands of years, the cosmological approach to feng shui is relatively recent, having developed only a few hundred years ago, during the late Ming Dynasty.