Gong Bath

Gong is an instrument which has been used for centuries for meditations, rituals and even warfare.

It is known that gongs have existed two centuries BC in the territories of modern China, Tibet, India, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. This instrument has the power to vibrate for a very long time after it has been hit, giving off multiple waves of growing and diminishing sound, thus creating an impression of a colossal sound mass.

During music therapy sessions, a sound field is created, and it feels like a cocoon that envelops you, inside which your wholeness is restored. It feels like being a child again, safe in your mother’s womb where the whole world is close and familiar, and you have everything while nothing is useless.

There are gongs and other archaic and folk instruments, such as singing cups, flute, conch, different bells, kalimba and many more. Tonality changes from soft and gentle to tremendous waves of sound, cleansing and freeing every cell in your body.

What else does it sound like? The singing of whales in the depths of the ocean, the thunder in the sky, the stormy shores of Baltic Sea and the quiet spring rain drop in the early morning of March, just touched by the first ray of late sun… The sounds are so different, they crash over you, washing away pitiful remains of the routine or they slip away, take a step back and uncover the silence, the true silence of your soul… You can say so much about it but there is no point in talking… You have to listen.

Gong baths allow to get rid of the mounting stress; they are a wonderful help to dissipate fears and to fill you up with freshness. Gong music is a powerful tool in psychotherapy and a great mechanism of self-healing. The mind is freed of total control; this time is dedicated to you, outside of your standard roles and situations. In this protected space we are here and now, we are real. We simply remember our true voice.

It is best to participate in such session while lying down; it helps you to relax and embrace the experience that comes to you. It can turn into a deep mediation or a good relaxation. We always receive a response to our inner demand. Such session lasts approximately 1 ½ hour; and we all deserve a mini-holiday!

Looking forward to meeting you in the sound!