Reiki is a type of alternative medicine that uses a method known as ‘palm healing’ or ‘hands-on healing’.

In 1922 Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui gave the world a system of spiritual healing practices which he named ‘Usui Reiki Rioho’ – ‘Usui’s System of Natural Healing’.

Japanese word for Reiki consists of two hieroglyphs – ‘rei’ and ‘ki’. In Japanese, ‘rei’ means ‘universe’, ‘spirit’, ‘soul’, and ‘ki’ means ‘energy’, ‘mind’, ‘mood’. In English speaking countries reiki are called ‘Universal Life Energy’.

In one of his mediations Usui touched upon a great spiritual energy and understood how to direct it into everyday life. In the last 90 years, this practice has proven to be both effective and safe.

‘Usui Reiki Rioho’ consist of various meditative, spiritual and healing practices; dynamic meditation, healing sessions and many more. An utmost important meaning is given to the initiation. In Reiki, the ability to receive and divert the stream of energy is transferred from Reiki master to Reiki student during the initiation at Reiki seminar, for it is impossible to ‘learn’ Reiki by the books.

The potential of Reiki is vast and at the same time accessible to anyone, regardless of age, health or education.

The practice of Reiki can restore the balance of physical and psycho-emotional health:

-          normalisation of weak or aggressive immune system;

-          normalisation of blood pressure;

-          elimination of chronic occurrences in internal organs;

-          fortifications of nervous system;

-          restoration of proper metabolism;

-          hormonal balance;

-          healing of specific diseases – acute or chronic;

-          and many more.

Regular practices help to heal habits and character, to become more stable, clam and creative. The stream of Universal Life Energy helps to realise and evaporate illusions and mental barriers that occupy the mind, take a lot of mind power and create stress. Also, Reiki are good for healing childhood traumas and mental blocks. The accumulation and development of harmonious state of mind is a step-by-step process that happens very naturally.